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Antonio Poli acquired excellent expertise in mechanical technologies and manufacturing of molds for cold deformation of the metal thanks to the work for a few years at the "Ford Manufacturing", in the United States. In 1968 he founded with his brother Tarcisio the "F.lli Poli", a small artisan with a strong determination towards industrial and technological development.
After more than forty years, it has become a solid industrial company, the company can meet customer needs in various sectors. These are the years of experience to create a difference in pitch as technical and competitive. Knowledge and passion become the engine for the implementation of projects that aim to go beyond the limits known technological processes at the forefront as the 3D laser cutting, last chronologically expertise acquired by the company.
The company is organized into divisions, it can handle all phases of development, from concept to production, or, with maximum flexibility and convenience for the customer, the individual process activities. For aesthetic development we use, if necessary, of skilled industry professionals with whom we work actively for years.




BRIEFING OF PROJECT AND DRAFT OF THE PROJECT Meeting with the client to gather information and known elements (technical, mechanical, aesthetic ...), problems encountered. Creating a map of maximum to understand the needs and goals of the client.


Once you have researched and refined your idea, it will need to be visually presented. A designer will help you visualise your idea and explore various designs in order to find the right design or build a range of products.


DRAFT PROJECT TECHNICAL LEVEL AND BEAUTY Processing of the evidence gathered and the first study of proposals and solutions to share with customers. During this phase we use three-dimensional software to display the first solutions.

Pattern Making

LASER 2D - 3D Laser (acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is an innovative technology used in many applications and able to offer high performance and high quality. Flexibility It allows to process different types of material such as: iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloy, titanium, some kinds of plastic, wood, fabric, leather, Plexiglas and a lot of shapes even on non-flat objects can be obtained. The advantage consists in working prototypes, having small batches of products thus minimizing the investment costs. Precision Dimensional high-precision, even in case of surfaces with a small technical deformation, ensuring a constant quality grade and optimal cost.


- MATERIALS In a world in which changes are getting faster, the constant search for materials with superior performance and a commitment to provide innovative solutions to architects and industrial designers leading to the discovery of new materials: titanium, magnesium and other metals as well as composites WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or bright fabric.

Sample Making

PROTOTYPING Creating the prototype for real verification of the feasibility of the project. Together with the customer we are then analyzed and tested prototypes possible adaptations, modifications and optimizations.


FEASIBILITY STUDY Technical development of the product according to information shared with the customer. The detailed study is carried out with the support of 3D software solidworks.


PRODUCE Engineering and Production They are analyzed with the customer's production steps by offering the right investment based on production lots. Based on the customer's choice to go to the production of components after achieving the necessary equipment.

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